HOME BUYER Inspections


Getting a home inspection prior to buying a house gives you some of the most important information you need to make a conscious decision. One of our certified professional inspectors will walk you through the house and educate you about observed safety factors, major defects, general repairs, seasonal maintenance. We advise you how to make your new home more Energy Efficiency to help you save more your monthly expenses.

Included in your Home Inspection?

A question we frequently get is what do you "include" in your home inspection ? Our experience and knowledge equips us to detect what is not visible and otherwise unable to be inspected. The safe condition of your new investment is our first priority. We use multiple devices to detect for any leaks where gas is present. Physically interact with every plumbing fixture and supply to ensure there are no leaks in the water supply and waste systems. Electrical safety is critical for homeowner protection from shock, we test all receptacles and advise where improvements should be made.  What is different about Motorious Solutions we take the time to introduce you to your new homes "Emergency Shut Offs" so you know where to find them and when to use them.

Every home purchase inspection comes with a complimentary Recallchek to identify if there are any manufacturer recalls on defective parts. 

We uphold the highest quality of service to each one of our clients by abiding by the code of ethics and standards of practise presented by the international association for certified home inspectors (interNACHI) and the American Association of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

Parts of a Home Inspection

Exterior Cladding, Flashing, Trims


Wall Penetrations

Porch & Deck



Attached & Detached Garage

Driveway & Walkway

Electrical System

Plumbing System

Structural System

HVAC System

Built-In Appliances

Attic, Ventilation & Insulation

Ceilings, Floors & Walls



Why get a home inspection

  • One of our home inspections is the best way to avoid buyer’s remorse. It helps buyers save money and gives them peace of certainty.
  • It Pinpoints problems and suggests how to deal with them.
  • Spot defects and save buyers these expenses.
    • safety hazards
    • poor structural designs
    • water leakage in basements
    • faulty appliances


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