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Remove the smoke smell from a rental property

Are you a landlord or property manager that had a bad experience re renting your property due to the last tenants smoking in it. Leaving you with complaints and turnaways. There is hope, a property can be revived from the smell of smoke. There is some preparation required to remove the lingering smell of smoke odor.  A thorough pre-treatment of the walls, ceilings, floors, cabinets/countertops takes place. We then perform a deodorizing treatment that eliminates the odor.

Are invasive odors slowing down the sale of your home

Its essential to maintain neutral odors when advertising a property. Your home will presented to potential buyers with very different preferences and personality types. You may find people are becoming more conscious to particular smells which can arise from cooking styles, cigarette smoke, and pets. A fresh scent in a home can be a subtle selling feature.

Car odor removal Detail

Remove the smoke smell from your vehicle

Whether you just bought or are selling a smoked in car, truck, or RV, You don’t need to search any further. We remove the smell of smoke for good. A deep clean is needed to remove any sources of the odor such as ,ash, cigarette butts, smoked in clothing. Furthermore a pre treatment on fabrics, leather, headliners, and carpets to remove built up residue which retains the continuous odor. Upon completion of the pre treatment process the vehicle then goes through the shock treatment which releases ozone into the vehicle cabin to destroy the smell of smoke.

Motorious Solutions specializes in odor removal using Ozone Technology to help keep your home, vehicle, and business sterilized and smelling fresh. We eliminate germs, virus, and bacteria using either or a combination of Ozone products.  Water systems and Gas generators are used as they out perform other remedies.Ozone is 50x more effective and reacts 3000x faster then bleach based products and most traditional cleaning products.

Animal Odours – We love our furry friends but let’s be honest, they track outdoor germs into the house, leave hind hair, saliva, and even urine which penetrate into surfaces then crystalize. Don’t waste your money on products that only mask the problem and don’t eliminate the source.

Cooking Odours – The residue left behind from cooking is an optimal breeding ground for bacteria and odours. This can be a problem when deciding to sell your home or business



Studios & Venues – Gyms and exercise facilities are known for odours that are not easy to eliminate. Microorganisms thrive in this type of environment. Residual odor can cause guests to question the facility’s sanitation. Treatment will results in a more safe and fresh facility.