Don't neglect your home maintenance. Pennys today will save you dollars tomorrow

Establishing and following a maintenance schedule is the best way to manage your household maintenance budget, by having a repair budget helps you protect your investment from potential problems. It’s common practice to take care of minor maintenance problems as they arise, but it is also a good idea to exercise routine preventative maintenance. There are many easy things that a homeowner can do that will prevent something small from becoming an expensive repair.


  • Silicone caulk seal around all counter tops, backsplash, tubs, and vanities.
  • Damaged lifhtijg fixtures
  • Plumbing fixtures and appliances
  • ventilation systems for all major appliances
  • Furnace and water tank condition
  • Kitchen appliances fuction tested
  • Natural Gas appliances  leak check
  • Carbon monoxide checks and advice for safety
  • Foundation cracks
  • Structural Conditions and modifications
  • Attic insulation condition and value
  • Electrical safety systems wiring and fixtures
  • Thermal Imaging for beyond the eyes analysis


  • Vegetation upkeeping
  • Landscaping/ Erosion management
  • Exterior siding, trims, flashing, and penetrations
  • Roof shingles, chimney, roof penetrations
  • Wind and water proofing