Calgary's Home to Odor Removal Services

Motorious Solutions specializes in odor removal using Ozone Technology to help keep your home, vehicle, and business sterilized and smelling fresh. We eliminate germs, virus, and bacteria using a combination of ozone products.  Water systems and Gas generators are used as they out perform other remedies. Ozone is 50x more effective and reacts 3000x faster then bleach based products and most traditional cleaning products.

Ozone is the most effective solution to permanently remove undesired odors at the source. Unlike sprays and deodorizers such as Febreze that just mask the odour, Ozone breaks down the toxic chemicals embedded in the pores and fabrics to eliminating the odours. Ozone can be used to destroy odours of fire, smoke, tobacco, pets, skunks, sewage, spoiled food and soiled flooring and wall, urine, body odour, death, water damage, fire, and much more!

  • Ozone will destroy the all airbourne and surface bacteria, viruses, spores, allergens, most VOCs, pet problems and cigarette smoke.
  • To remove the odour permanently, the source of the smell must be removed completely.
  • Ozone reverts back to oxygen within a few hours.
  • Ozone occurs naturally is one of mother nature’s strongest cleaner and oxidizers.
  • Ozone will eradicate embedded stubborn, pungent odours and persistent smells and will improve indoor air quality

Ozone Applications

Like to smoke, can’t stand the lingering odour. Let us eliminate it. Tobacco smoke contains many chemicals that are harmful to both smokers and non-smokers. These chemicals cling to various surfaces and cause a lingering odour.

Final details before revealing your masterpiece. Upon completion of the construction cleanup get your last touch insurance that you’ve cleaned up the airborne particulates which your clients family will be inhaling.

Yoga, spin classes, personal training, are places for sweat and body odours to linger. This may be unpleasant for the next group especially in a high traffic area. As the room becomes a breeding ground for bacteria transfer. Lets keep your facility at its safetst.


Do you practically live in your vehicle all your belongings find your trunk or backseat and stick around. You travel with your families sports equipment, spill liquids at a sharp corner, let your friends smoke, and over time your ventilation system just blows stank air. Leftover food. Let it smell brand new.

Mainly can be found in various locations which are warm, moist, such as bathrooms, kitchens, these locations are used various times of the day by various family members. The reproduction rate of mold spores can be billions within a 48 hour period. Certified mold inspectors available if our unsure.

On your last strike of stinking the work truck. Don’t let your clients, co-workers, friends remind you of what odour your precious cargo left behind. Don’t let your boss catch you smoking in the vehicle again?