Basement Water Proofing

Water Proofing

Your basement is typically the area of the structure most prone to water damage as they are located below grade and surrounded by soil.  Soil releases water it has. Water can enter the structure along the path of least resistance. Its important as a homeowner to be aware of what you can do to maintain a dry foundation.

Roof Drainage:

Install and maintain gutters and downspouts so that they route all rainwater and snow melt far enough away from the foundation of the building to ensure that pooling does not occur near the walls of the structure.  At least 10 feet from the building is best.



Water and moisture will most likely entering through small cracks or holes. Which can originate from many factors such as:

  • Poor workmanship during the original build
  • Water pressure forcing water through walls.
  • Settlement can cause cracks in the floor or walls.

Ensuring that any water that does end up near basement exteriors cannot enter through holes or cracks is also important, and sealing with a waterproof compound will help prevent water vapor or gas from penetrating, as well.

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