Clothing Washer Discharge Hoses can cause costly damage

Most high-efficiency washers use 56.8 to 113.6 L of water for a single load of laundry.

Water is the #1 destroyer of wood framed houses.
In the form of small leaks upto flooding from a pipe burst. Most building materials (drywall, wood , insulation, carpet including underlay, etc.) are not susceptible to large volumes of water and even worse they absorb moisture instead of discarding it.

What steps should you take

Step 2: Turn off the water source (in this case the washer, if flooding is coming from piping and hoses shut off related water supply).
Step 3: Remove and Soak up as much water as possible to prevent water from traveling into seams and open areas.
Step 4: Now you are under the clock to remove moisture from the building materials before it becomes a breeding source for mold growth. It takes as little at 72 hours for mold to grow and become harmful.
Step 5: Call our Certified Mold Inspector at Motorious Solutions. provide you with the best recommendations and effective solutions to save your home. Indoor air quality testing is essential just cause you can’t see it visibly, mold spores can cause harm your families health.

What to look for in your Home

Wet electrical outlets and light fixtures become a safety concern . This can lead to shorting and corrosion of connections, and damaged conductors leading to a costly and extensive repair.

When cleaning around dishwashers and clothing washers hose connections should be checked regularly for leak free discharge as large volumes of water get pumped out.

humidification settings and maintenance play a role for your homes moisture control. By controlling your humidity you can reduce moisture related damage

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